Elegant Illusions, Inc. Corporate Profile

Elegant Illusions, Inc. is engaged primarily in the design and sale of created gem jewelry with specialty stores across the United States.

The Company’s founders, Tamara and Gavin Gear, first began selling jewelry in 1976 on Cannery Row. Since then, along with CEO James Cardinal who committed to the Company in 1992, the Gears have carved out a substantial niche in the growing, multi-billion dollar jewelry industry.

Financial Statements

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James Cardina, CEOJames Cardinal, CEO, has been a director and CEO of Elegant Illusions, Inc. since 1992 and has served as a consultant to the Company since 1988. Prior to joining Elegant Illusions, Mr. Cardinal worked as an independent business consultant and capital organizer for several startup companies. Mr. Cardinal has extensive experience in the wholesale and retail jewelry business in addition to hands on experience in organizing, managing, and growing new companies.

Gavin Gear, President, Elegant IllusionsGavin Gear, President, was a cofounder of Elegant Illusions and has served as President, Chief Financial Officer and a director of the Company since 1989. Mr. Gear also served as President, Chief Financial Officer and a director of Cannery Row Enterprises, Inc. (CRE) from 1979 until it was acquired by Elegant Illusions in 1994. Mr. Gear is responsible for implementing the structure of the Elegant Illusions chain and for creating the Company’s sales analysis and inventory control system. Currently, in addition to managing day to day operations for Elegant Illusions, Mr. Gear is directing the field operation for the Company's expansion.

Tamara Gear, Secretary-TreasurerTamara Gear, is the creative force behind Elegant Illusions created gem jewelry. She is a co-founder and the Secretary-Treasurer of Elegant Illusions and has served as Secretary-Treasurer and a director of the Company since 1989. She also served as Secretary-Treasurer and a director of Cannery Row Enterprises from 1985 to 1994. Tamra Gear has an extensive background in fashion design and merchandising. In the late seventies and early eighties, Tamara worked variously as a retail manager, gemologist, and designer.  She originated the Elegant Illusions concept as well as the design of the Company’s stores. Currently, this high energy director is responsible for the training and ongoing support of Elegant Illusions’ managers and sales staff.

Elegant Illusions, Inc. Contact Information

Please contact James Cardinal, Chief Executive Officer at:

Elegant Illusions, Inc.
542 Lighthouse Avenue, Suite 5
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Phone: (831) 649-1814
Facsimile: (831) 649-1001
E-Mail: gavin@eiomfg.com

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